Apple Pie "a la mode" with Vanilla! 3 Baby Box Combo

The autumn weather is giving us the urge to go apple picking and bake some pies, and what goes great with pie? Vanilla ice cream of course!  This 3-baby box combo contains two boxes of our delicious Apple Pie and one box of creamy Vanilla. A guarantee to satisfy your craving if you aren't Betty Crocker...

We use apple cider jelly (provided by Woods Cider Mill in Vermont), nutmeg, molasses, and a hint of warm pepper to create this creamy combination of salt and spice. Our Vanilla salt water taffy is often described as a chewy vanilla milk shake. It is infused with whole vanilla beans that you can see through out the candy. Paired together this combo is a splendid treat!

APPLE PIE INGREDIENTS: corn syrup, sugar, invert sugar, evaporated milk, apple cider jelly, palm oil, molasses, sea salt, vanilla extract, spices, mono- and diglycerides. 

VANILLA INGREDIENTS: corn syrup, sugar, invert sugar, evaporated milk, palm oil, sea salt, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, mono- and diglycerides.



There is no gluten in any of the ingredients but please be aware we do not keep a gluten free kitchen. Each box weighs 1.87 oz. and contains approximately 8 pieces.

Cannot be combined with any other sales offer (THIRD4ONE does NOT apply)

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