How much is shipping?                                         

Our shipping cost is based on your location and size of your order.

Who is the shipping carrier?

All orders are shipped via USPS priority.

When will my order ship?

In general it will take approximately a week to process your order. If you are in a time crunch or concerned about timing send us an email at orders@thesaltyroad.com.

How is Salty Road's Salt Water Taffy different then other salt water taffies?

It's our love of using the finest most amazing ingredients to flavor our taffy! Most taffy makers make one ginormous "white" batch, divide it and add different artificial colors and flavors to it.  We use all natural flavors, for the vanilla we start with a real vanilla bean dry it out on low in the oven and pulverize it to bits making vanilla dust this way we use the whole bean and get even more of that amazing vanilla aroma into our taffy.   Our way takes longer and uses expensive ingredients but you can really taste the difference.   

Don't forget the salt!  

Many taffy makers don't put any salt in their taffy.  We use large grain sea salt in all of our taffy.  It creates a balance with the sweetness in the candy and enhances all of our natural flavors.  And don't forget the amazing crunch it adds. It is one the most unique things about Salty Road apart from your hum drum taffy makers.  Yay salt!

How did you come up with the name Salty Road ?

Salty means a lot of things:  Tasting of or containing salt 2. piquant; sharp; witty. 3. racy or coarse 4. of the sea, sailing, or life at sea.  At Salty Road we think life should contain all these aspects, after all aren't all of us a little rough around the edges?  So we walk this rocky, salty road and from time to time it's good to stop and treat ourselves to something sweet and delicious to keep going.  

Questions about the product:

Do your products contain nuts?
The Salty Peanut contains peanuts. People with severe nut allergies should note that nuts are present in our commercial kitchen where the products are made.
Do your products contain Soy?
Yes. There are the tiniest bits of Soy in our candy from soy lecithin!
Are any of your products sugar-free or vegan?
No, at this time we do not make sugar-free or vegan candy. 

Who designs your amazing packaging?

Chief Designer, Basia Grocholski is the one that makes it amazing! We are sooo lucky to have her.  She was one of the very first people to support Salty Road and is family and friend!  Check her other awesome projects out here!