Small Batch Dreams: THE ELVIS - hold the bacon!

We heard your pleas for more batches of Banana Taffy!  And we couldn't help ourselves but to do some experimenting with it. Lo and behold we mixed it with our Honey Peanut taffy and WOWZERS The caramelized banana taffy pairs so well with creamy, salty peanut butter taffy that we couldn't keep it to ourselves!

Right now all of our Small Batch Dreams flavors are currently only available packaged without a box (see picture) but the Buy 2 Boxes, Get 1 for $1.00 can be used with it! Small Batch Dreams flavors are only available through our webshop while supplies last. 

INGREDIENTS: corn syrup, sugar, invert sugar, evaporated milk, fair trade banana puree, peanut butter (peanuts, evaporated cane juice, palm oil, salt), honey, RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, sea salt, mono- and diglycerides. 


There is no gluten in any of the ingredients but please be aware we do not keep a gluten free kitchen. 

3.5 ounces per bag (approximately 13-15 pieces of taffy)


Sweet taffy dreams are made of these

Salty Road's Small Batch Dreams is a collection of new flavors that we will make in very tiny amounts. Our idea here is to cut loose, get experimental, or capture nostalgic flavors using our own techniques and big imaginations... and the input from our customers from around the nation. Each small batch recipe will feature specialized ingredients and of course large-grain sea salt. Since only one batch is made per flavor each will come in a simplified package and will only be available occasionally and for a short time.

We're really excited to share these flavors with other candy lovers because many times the inspiration or idea comes right from YOU. We welcome your feedback on what you try here -- who knows, maybe one of these sweet dreams will lead to a new permanent or seasonal flavor! 

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